Essex Discount Card is a neat but simple idea a card offering   its members privileges and discounts from great businesses in Essex and surrounding areas.

These businesses will  provide services over a very wide ranging spectrum.

As you would expect we get out on the road and  meet  all our partners so we have absolutely  no hesitation in recommending them to our Essex members.

Not only will local  Businesses that are based in Essex be featured but also those that are near by and serve customers in Essex so as to ensure a wide and varied choice when choosing good local service.

We love the phrase “Keep it local”.

Local businesses need local  clients and they are happy to provide that little something to attract local business.

We  have many promotions some relating to health & beauty, ladies fashion, car & travel, shopping, travel, holidays, restaurants and entertaining to name just a few.

The Idea is not simply about saving money which is always pleasant of course but it is also about  getting outstanding service providers for our members right across the County of Essex.

For more information on please go to Essex Discount Card

If you have an Essex business and would like to enjoy free promotion email us at



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